30 for 2030 – Priorities for Romanian SMEs

In an era where small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are pivotal to economic vitality, and in an ambitious move to bolster the growth and resilience of Romanian SMEs, the Organization of Women Entrepreneurs (OFA) within the General Union of Industrialists of Romania (UGIR) launches the blueprint “30 for 2030 – Priorities for Romanian SMEs”.

We aim for this document to serve as a catalyst for a series of discussions with all relevant stakeholders at both the national and European levels, leading – for each of the 30 priorities – to tailored solutions that fit the Romanian context and benefit SMEs in Romania.

Essentially, the document was crafted as a means to establish a platform for constructive, concrete, open and transparent partnership, fostering social dialogue, collaboration and trust among all parties involved.

European context and recent initiatives

In the context of strategic discussions taking place at the European level, it is more than obvious that the EU economy must be strategically reconfigured to remain globally relevant.

The Enrico Letta report on the Single Market underscores the necessity of strengthening the internal market to support the global competitiveness of SMEs: it highlights the importance of removing barriers to the free movement of goods and services and proposes measures to facilitate SMEs’ access to European and international markets.

Additionally, it is essential to begin practical discussions about the post-2027 Cohesion Policy: it must play a crucial role in reducing regional disparities, gradually eliminating “pockets of underdevelopment” and promoting balanced economic development across the European Union.

Furthermore, the Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal, which should complement the European Green Deal, emphasizes the need for a common commitment to support the green and digital transition of SMEs. This declaration proposes initiatives to promote innovation, sustainability and competitiveness of SMEs, ensuring that no sector is left behind in this transition.

A vision for 2030: comprehensive and collaborative approach

”30 for 2030 – Priorities for SMEs in Romania”, the position paper launched by the OFA UGIR teams, encompasses a broad spectrum of focal areas, offering a balanced approach to SME development which takes into account, at the same time, broader societal, environmental, and economic challenges.

The priorities contained in this document will bolster the growth, resilience, sustainability and competitiveness of Romanian SMEs over the next decade by addressing a series of critical areas, from technological innovation and sustainable practices to social inclusion and gender equality in the economy:

  1. Technological advancement and digital transformation;
  2. Environmental sustainability and energy efficiency and independence;
  3. Financial stability and access to resources;
  4. Social inclusion, gender equality and empowerment;
  5. Education, skills development and workforce adaptability;
  6. Regulatory and infrastructure improvements.

”In the current context, small and medium-sized enterprises play an essential role in maintaining the economic vitality of Romania and Europe. It is crucial that we focus on creating a business environment that is inclusive and that values diversity.

At the Organization of Women Entrepreneurs (OFA) within the General Union of Industrialists of Romania (UGIR), we have undertaken the mission of particularly supporting women entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs. These groups bring valuable contributions and innovative ideas that can transform the SME landscape in Romania.

Through our initiatives, we want to remove barriers and ensure access to essential resources, mentorship and collaboration opportunities. Thus, we will help SMEs to be stronger and better prepared for the challenges of the future.”

”Our strategic document aims to support the development and increase the competitiveness of Romanian SMEs for the next ten years. We addressed various critical areas such as technological innovation and practices to ensure competitive sustainability for small and medium-sized firms.

The launch of this project represents an important start on our way to developing a robust and dynamic SME sector. We call on all stakeholders – entrepreneurs, policy makers at national and European level, as well as the community as a whole – to join this ambitious effort.

We are dedicated to the principle that ”No one should be left behind!” and we ensure that SMEs in all regions have access to the resources they need to thrive in an ever-changing economic environment. This reflects our commitment to cohesive economic, social and territorial development in line with the European principles.”

„30 for 2030 – Priorities for SMEs in Romania” can be read and downloaded here:

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